Project name:

Parksville Civic and Technology Center

Project description:

Rob was the Project Chair representing the City in this innovative joint service delivery facility. At the time it combined School District #69, the Vancouver Island Regional Library, Parksville Campus of Vancouver Island University and the City of Parksville. Rob received the Willis Award for Innovation from CAMA (Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators).

This project was unique in Canada, and required:

  • Significant leadership, stamina, and innovation to overcome the many obstacles
  • Bringing four organizations together, integrating the work spaces and business functions
  • Sharing special spaces such as Council Chambers, Board Chambers, Library Reading Room, large University classroom, Private Sector
  • Boardroom, and Community Presentation Space (all one room)
  • Paid for by up zoning and resale of community owned lands and rental of space to private sector technology companies
  • Multiple agreements including community funding referendum
  • Support from multiple public sector unions and staff associations