Project name:

CVRD Regional Growth Strategy

Project description:

The CVRD received a substantial grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to prepare a Regional Sustainability Strategy. Shortly after selecting a prime consultant to undertake the work, the Provincial Government also mandated the CVRD to prepare and adopt a Regional Growth Strategy within an extremely tight time frame. Rob was brought in by the CVRD to manage both projects jointly. While the Sustainability work was voluntary, and the Regional Growth Strategy was not, both dealt with many similar issues. Over a two-year period, Rob managed both projects to successful conclusions. The Sustainability Project was completed on time and within budget and the Growth Strategy was adopted by the CVRD through the legislated process. A Growth Strategy is a Land Use Plan that has the same effect for the Regional District as an Official Community Plan has for an urban municipality.

Over the two-year process, Rob was responsible for many aspects of the projects, including:

  • Compliance with legislative requirements
  • Incorporation of consultation elements including First Nations
  • Adherence to mandatory timelines
  • Development and management of terms of references for both projects
  • Integration of key elements from long range targets in Sustainability Strategy to policies within Regional Growth Strategy